“Wow, had I known about Vanessa before spending thousands of dollars on couple’s therapy, I would have saved a ton of money! I experienced more relationship breakthroughs in 3 sessions with Vanessa than I did for an entire year in couple’s therapy. Im now able to talk about sensitive subjects with my husband with ease and love, leaving behind the fear and self-criticism that always got in the way in the past. Thank you Vanessa!"

Toréa Rodriguez, Vitality Transformation Coach, 


I can't say enough good things about Vanessa. She is an extraordinary person who has amazing insight into the workings of the human heart. She is a living example of her tried and true methods. She is a natural healing force, in addition to having a vast amount of formal training in her field.

She has been a huge inspiration in my human journey, and has led me to some of my most profound insights. Thanks Vanessa! Very grateful!!
I would highly recommend her to anybody!


Vanessa is a blessing in my life.  I contacted her because I was at a loss about what to do with the relationship with my grown son.  I’d never worked with a life coach before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What Vanessa gave me was a wealth of practices, resources, and knowledge that changed my perspective, and how I interacted with my son.  One of the things I liked best about working with her, is she’s super organized.  After your session, you’ll receive an email highlighting what was discussed, and additional supportive materials that are helpful.  I’d highly recommend consulting her.  She’s a wise woman who can provide great insight into what’s troubling you in life.


I engaged Vanessa Naja for her capabilities as a transformation coach.

How do I say this, Vanessa is amazing in her insight, intuition, tools and overall ability to work with me through some pretty deeply set, old behavior around partnership with my husband, family and peers at work – WOW.  What we have together in this partnership has provided me life long tools, new behavior and an increase in the satisfaction in my personal and professional life.  I continue to work with Vanessa as I find that every time we talk, through her questioning and guidance, we find a new place for growth in how and what I do when I feel stuck.  My appreciation for her coaching and my trust in her is boundless.

Anita Kratka 

I was married for over 20 years. After my divorce I had three relationships all of which ended badly. Vanessa helped me realize that I needed to understand and determine what I truly wanted and needed in order to weed out the men that didn't serve me well. Her guidance has done just that. I have become more aware and conscious of what I need and how to observe and trust my intuition which guides me. The assignments and the exercises she encourages me to do serve to move me forward in my understanding which I believe will ultimately help me “see” the person that I am meant to be with. I think everyone who wishes to find their partner in life should spend some time with Vanessa so that she can guide them on that path. What Vanessa offers, would serve so many people out in the world that think it's impossible to find the perfect counterpart. That is why I am a client– I know that with Vanessa’s help and guidance I will find my partner for life.

I wholeheartedly encourage others to take the leap and reach out to Vanessa for guidance. After all, we ARE talking about a life partner here and we should feel confident and have the competence in our choices.

Doreen Bennett

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