How To use Intention to Have More Love in 2017


Many people begin the new year by setting resolutions only to recklessly abandon them no later than mid February. Can you relate? Yup, me too. I’ve since abandoned this practice when I realized it doesn’t make any sense. Instead, I set intentions. Setting intentions directs the focus for my energy in the coming year. They include the “why” I want to accomplish or create something, versus just the “what” of resolutions.

Knowing your “why” fuels your goals and dramatically increases the likelihood that you’ll take the required actions to realize what you want to have in your life.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog about “7 steps to setting successful new years intentions”. This year, I want to focus on setting intentions around love.

Intentions set energy in motion and where awareness goes, energy flows.


What are some changes you’d like to make in your life in terms of love? Maybe this is calling in a new romantic partner. Perhaps you want to improve your relationship with your spouse or heal a relationship with a family member or friend. You may even want to love yourself more fully in the new year.

Here are some specific examples of intentions:

  • To feel more love everyday
  • To heal a relationship
  • To connect more deeply to a specific person or generally to the people in your life
  • To be loving and kind to yourself
  • To serve others


Start by naming your intention. I like to do 3, one relating to myself, one relating to another individual and one relating to a group of people.

My love intentions for 2017 are:

To love and accept myself unconditionally in every moment (this has been an intention for years and it gets better and better all the time)

To continue to nurture and deepen the connection and intimacy with my partner

To serve others to the best of my ability, given my gifts and talents, to help them increase love in their lives. (This is my life’s purpose which I’m finally able to clearly articulate)


This year my intentions are very broad and far reaching. Yours may be much more specific, they may be general or a combination of both.

Once you have your list. Ask yourself the following question for each intention and journal about the answer:

  1. What will realizing this intention do for you? Ultimately, how will it make you feel when it’s manifested?
  2. How will you know when you’ve realized it? What will you see, feel and/or hear to indicate it’s happening?  This is really important because this is how you’ll know your intention is manifesting.
  3. Who else will be affected and how?
  4. Are there any specific actions required to achieve these intentions and if so, what are they?
  5. What practices can help you achieve this intention? Maybe you could check in with your partner every night before bed to see if there’s anything that needs to be said. Or you might start your day with a prayer/meditation/visualization with a focus on your intention. Can you create affirmations around this intention and repeat or write them regularly? Can you incorporate your intentions into your gratitude practice and if you don’t already have one, would you like to start one in the new year?
  6. How can you feel the feelings you want to create through realizing these intentions right now? i.e. if you want to feel more love in your life, how can you create more love right now? What makes you feel loved and who can help you here? It might be as small as cuddling with your dog or as big as asking your partner to show you love in your love language.
  7. When you can answer the last questions, do whatever you discovered to feel the feelings as intensely as you can NOW and then add them to the practices you discovered in step #5.   Your emotions are the biggest factor in manifesting what you truly want. When you’re fully able to feel the way you want to feel and are thankful, you will attract more of that feeling and more of what creates that feeling in your life.


I’d love to hear what your love intentions are for 2016. Please share in the comments below or feel free to email me and let me know if you have any questions. I personally reply to each comment and email response and I love connecting with all of you.

 Wishing you a happy, healthy and LOVING New Year.


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